calistnggrl: (VM // LoVe bathroom color&bw)
tonicangel ([personal profile] calistnggrl) wrote on April 17th, 2011 at 11:29 am
nice to be home
Well I'm going to go to Walmart and brave the nutty shoppers then going to come home and make some headers for my comms and finish up some icons for a batch. I'm also working on s3 caps of FNL and then I'll work on s4 and be done with FNL. I started capping s5 if anyone is interested.
I got the original soundtrack HQ rips of Roswell s1 if anyone is interested. I repackaged them as mp4 since mkv won't play on my ps3 or any of my i devices. If you would like me to upload them, please comment!
Did I mention that it is nice to be home?! I've gotten so used to having to get up early for work that I forgot I could actually sleep in. I ended up going back to bed and got up at 10:30 that's super late for me. LOL
I also started a VM mood theme of s1 and s2. I was going to do LoVe but so far I just have Veronica pics and 1 of Logan hmm... Might just be a VM herself mood theme.
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