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tonicangel ([personal profile] calistnggrl) wrote on April 12th, 2011 at 06:33 pm
I work with great people
 Wow, I work with some wonderful people. :) I am dog sitting for the VP of nursing and he took out all of the ipod speakers in his house and replaced with XM radio doks.  I emailed him asking if he had one laying around I could plug my phone into at night (for a sleep machine) and he told me he had a sound dock in his closet I can have. I get home to find the white speaker set is really a Bose sound dock! OMG! Those are so expensive. I did notice that he has lost the 2 prong cord that plugs into the wall but that's an easy fix. I searched through their drawer of cords and found one to test out to make sure the player works. It works perfectly! I'm so stoked and blessed. He's such a sweet guy and I love dog sitting. He has a westie too and she's just a total sweetheart! :)
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